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After more than a Decade of Marriage and Responsibility of Nurturing Two Kids, I suddenly Felt some Sought of Vacuum which Made Me Think as to What Was I Doing for My Personal Growth. With the Monotonous Kid of Lifestyle, I Really couldn’t Understand as to Whom should I Consult for Guidance. That’s when I Got a Message from Sandhya about Her Workshop and I Decided to Join it. Through the 5 Sessions, We Learned to Introspect Ourselves. We Learned that by Making Simple Changes in Our Daily Routine, We could Use the same 24 Hours to the Best of Our Capability and Gain Positive Results. Importance of Money Management and Issues Related to it. How We can First Work for Money and then Let Money Work for Us. Managing People and also their Positive and Negative Attitude. Importance of Dressing and thereby Making a Change in Your Personality were also Explained in a Simplified Way. Personal Counselling by Sandhya also Made Sure that We Could Clarify Our Personal Problems and Doubts.

Bansi J Soni - Homemaker

This programme was a great eye-opener to Me. There are a lot of things that you are aware of but never take initiative to do. This program helped me do that. And also there was something that lacked in me like giving importance to my needs and myself, which this programme helped me achieve. As a person working with Sandhya Bajaj was really good And I find her very persuasive. And a person who is genuinely here to make a change in people's life.

Mona Arun Prasad - Homemaker

"In Sandhya Bajaj's Personality Development For Women, I have learned a lot of things like Time Management, Money Management, Parenting and much more. I have loved all the Sessions. It has boosted my self-confidence which was low earlier. It is due to this confidence that I could solve many of my problems. I wanted to pursue music, But I had a low self-esteem. Sandhya Bajaj has helped me believe in myself. I feel Sandhya Bajaj will be very successful in life and will be helping a lot of women. I wish her success in all that she does."

Sonali Sheth - Homemaker

The programme was comprehensive covering all aspects necessary to develop one's personality. It was also flexible as it allowed me to choose and focus on the areas I was lacking in. I primarily worked on my social skills and am successfully able to emulate whatever I learnt during my sessions in my day-to-day life. My main objective was to increase my confidence and that was met. Sandhya is more of a friend than an instructor. Extremely accomodating and understanding, she quickly slipped into my comfort zone. She easily adapted her programme according to my needs. Her examples and exercises were relevant to my age and lifestyle. Her fun-loving nature made me look forward to my sessions with her.

Amruta Maheshwari - College Student

I was looking for a Vedic maths teacher for my child and I came across Sandhya Bajaj. Apart from being an excellent Vedic maths teacher, she always made efforts to develop the personality of the child. There after, I got to know that she also conducts Personality Development courses for children as well as adults! So I decided to take a few sessions with her which may help in grooming my personality.

I always felt comfortable during the sessions and opened up easily. She motivated me and gave me lot of tips for a better life. Now,I feel very enthusiastic and energetic. I am more organized and able to manage time and be productive. At least,I feel satisfied at the end of the day!

The grooming sessions and the beauty tips were very useful and have increased my feel good factor. Thanks to Sandhya!

Shilpa Rathi - Operations Manager

Memories May Fade, Civilizations May Die, But Such Great Knowledge Shared by You Shall Endure For Years to come. I Want to Learn More and More From You and Thank You For What You Have Shared With Us. As I Was Going Through the Golden Words that You gave, it Really Started Pumping Some Power in Me. I Came to Know that When You Turn Your Eye From the Negative to the Affirmations in Your Life, You Discover so Many Things. Thanks Sandhya Once Again.

Disha Badani - Operations Manager

Life is a Reflection of What we Allow ourselves to see." Thank You Sandhya, For Taking Me Through the 5 Sessions, 7 Week Journey, Where I Could Take Time off to Pause, Ponder and Reflect on My Life and Thereby Discover Various Aspects of My Being. Personally For Me Through the Session and Interacting With all the Wonderful Participants was a Process to Acknowledge & Understand My Feelings and Accepting Them. Sandhya is a Very Vibrant, Intelligent and Super Positive Personality. Her Positivity is Totally Contagious.(I Use This For The Lack of Better Word!) I Would Recommend This Program to All Those Who Want to Allow Themselves to Have a Vision Beyond Their Horizon and Live Life to the Fullest.

Manisha Sawant

Definitely a very beneficial programme,very well thought of and constructed. It makes you rethink again about your life. It made me get back and improvise my confidence. I again started thinking positively and a major breakthrough is that you start thinking in specific directions with much clarity. The guest speakers were amazing and gave beneficial insights in different aspects of life. The programme can be a life changer definitely. It was a great experience with Sandhya. She is a very positive and uplifting person for others. She gave a really good platform for women to rethink and make changes in their lives and achieve their goals.

Juhi Nahar - Homemaker

"My husband and I were having a conversation about how Personality & Confidence play a vital role in today's day and age. That's when we decided to look out for Personality developing sessions and then we found out about this.

After which I met Sandhya Bajaj and was convinced that I found the right person to groom me. The first session I had with her I was slightly nervous, confused and hesitant to open up. But as the sessions progressed it was easier for me to express myself better.

She asked me to clutter out the things bothering me and not let them affect me in my daily life. She recommended a wonderful book "Attitude is everything" which encouraged me to have a positive mind and attitude. Sandhya also shared very interesting beauty tips and held grooming sessions that made me realize that the saying "When you look good, you feel good" is actually true.

These sessions helped me to grow into a more confident and positive person. She will be guiding me to be well versed with technology now (something that's essential to be good at these days, to which I eagerly look forward. Above all, I am having a good time with her and thank her for everything."

Tanuja Lele

I had a Misconception that PD is a change in Outer look. But I was Wrong. After Joining Sandhya. I Realized the Fact That First We Need to change our inner soul, channelize our thoughts in Right way and to be structured. If we are sorted and happy. We can share a same happiness around us.

Today after doing the workshop I realized the same… This is very small thing that we do to others but miss to do specially for ourselves … I personally would recommend all the woman to do this program… Not because I feel so… but because if we except people around us to change, the first step needs to be taken by us… We as women, never prioritize ourselves as we always give importance to our family… I feel at same time in our Life, We should give space to ourselves. When respect ourselves, We would be able to earn than respect from everybody …

Today I feel Stress- Free and positive. I really Appreciate and thank Sandhya for this support that She has given me to change my life… I feel it’s the Best Journey I have Selected in my Life…

Nehal Shah - Homemaker

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