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Dance to Destress


11:00 am to 01:00 pm, 25/11/2018, Sunday

Event Overview

Dance Can Heal Your Mind, Heart and Soul!

  • The Healing Power of Dance is Recognised Across The Globe
  • Regardless of Your Ability Level or Learning Style, Dance Gives You The Opportunity to Work on Your Goals
  • Are You Experiencing the Humdrum Lull of Your Daily Routine Filled With Work Obligations and Personal Responsibilities?
  • Are You in Need of a Creative Release?
  • Express Your Body & Let Loose Your Emotions to Detoxify & Detach From Wordly Obligations
  • Studies Show That Dancing Helps You to Lose Weight, Stay Flexible, Reduce Stress, Make Friends And a Lot More
  • Instills Grace And Helps You to Age Gracefully by Making You Look Young
  • Needless to Say Helps You to Be in The Best of Shape by Reducing Stiffness And Help Ease Joint Pain
  • Grab a Friend and Call Now to Confirm Your Seat

Seminar Details

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    11:00 am to 01:00 pm
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Energy Exchange

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Contact Details

  • 98202 86873/98331 18990

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