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Success Is A Matter Of Choice Not Chance
You need 2 D'S - Discipline & Dedication



Sandhya Bajaj is a Transformational Coach and Motivational Strategist who helps people gain clarity of purpose in their lives and helps them to unlock their true potential. A person with a vision, Sandhya always believed that the key to growth is self-evaluation and personal development. She always wanted to do something different and not get hooked on to a traditional 9 to 5 job as she believes balance is the key to ultimate happiness and satisfaction. Entrepreneurship was her true calling as that route would optimize on her skill sets and give her the actual lifestyle that she yearned for. But it wasn't an easy journey. Learning from each and every bad experience with a never give up attitude and treating problems as untapped opportunities she has paved her way of making a mark in the field of personal excellence and is now on a mission to help people be their best version.

Founder of Sandhya Bajaj Academy of Personal Excellence Sandhya conducts personal development workshops and offers personalized coaching to individuals and corporates. Her motto is to ignite the spark in each and every individual by developing that unbeatable spirit to get them self-motivated to perform at their peak to reach their destination. Founder of “Be Your Best Version” a FREE online programme on personal excellence and an active Whatsapp Group dedicated to women empowerment her motto is to ignite the spark in each and every individual by developing that unbeatable spirit to get them self-motivated to perform at their peak to reach their destination.

She has always believed in the practical school of learning, certain skill sets that one needs to develop, aspire and acquire in order to be successful and this is exactly what she specializes in, “People Development Programmes.” Success is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.

You are the master of your life. You are your own boss. There are only two possibilities, either you design your life or life takes a toll on you. You give in to situations as you have nothing planned.

She is passionate to deliver the best to her participants in order to make a 360-degree turnaround in their lives and head-strong to her values on integrity, innovation, commitment and excellence and makes sure to exceed client's expectations.



Ravi Bajaj is a Corporate Coach working with companies and their employees known to increase productivity and putting them to action. An individual with big dreams and aspirations and a zeal to go beyond the conventional and traditional standards to stand out and shine out was always his core style and personality. He always wanted the best of the best and he knew he had to earn it. He never gave himself a choice or an excuse.

To start with his first goal in 1997 to own a mobile phone when it was first launched in India at his tender age of 17 which was just launched in India. At that point of time it was considered to be the lifestyle of the rich and famous as the per minute incoming cost was a whopping Rs. 48. He bought his first mobile phone with in the second month of the mobile phones getting launched in India and that set the ball rolling. With no looking back he has served several banks ANZ Grindlays, ICICI and Citibank to name a few.

He has been actively involved working with several industries in banking, media, telecom industry and the BPO industry. He was the one to establish computerized digital driving license test in Mumbai, India where he worked closely with renowned politicians Shree Deshmukh, DGP Pasricha and Ex-Commissioner of Police A N Roy. He gave 7 precious years to Barclays Bank PLC where we worked as a Training Manager, starting at the grass-root level.

His last job was at TCS and the project was with the Australian Telecom Company (Telstra) where he served in shift duties which took a toll on his health and he reached a saturation point and that was the time when he took the biggest decision of his life to quit his job and to follow his dream, his passion, his burning desire which he had kept on hold and this time there was no looking back. He first worked on his most important asset that is his health, got fitness into his daily routine and then embarked on his new journey to life.

Though business was in his blood and coming from a business background he opted in for a job for financial security for his family and meeting their needs and requirements. For him his family was always first and then his passion to build an empire. The art of dealing with people, customer relationships, art of negotiations, team building, team bonding comes very natural to him. Even though he has served more than 18 years he treated every job as his own business as a result of which he has won several awards and was asked to conduct trainings and seminars for his team. Entrepreneurship was his true calling and in the month February - 2018 he took a quantum leap to embark on a new journey and unfold a new chapter in his life. Though it was a very tough decision to leave a secured job and a hefty package despite the fact that he had been selected for promotion he took that step and is now currently coaching corporate, multinationals and runs his own signature workshops and programmes in the name of

Manifest Your Dreams, Live in Abundance and Style.

Our Mission

At Sandhya Bajaj Academy we are committed to be the world's trusted brand in raising human potential by offering Transformational Educational Programmes coupled with customer delight and value addition by being accountable and devoted to their personal growth and development. Our motto is to ignite the spark in our clients by developing that unbeatable spirit to get them self-motivated to perform at their peak to reach their destination.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a world class service provider in the fields of Personal Development and Mental Maths in the Indian and International Market by providing wonderful customer service and excellence. Company known for winning infinite awards in the coaching industry working with a team of handpicked coaches of high integrity and standards to guarantee life-altering results to individuals and society.

Are You Stressed Out all the Time?